Minikube on Ubuntu: Step-by-Step

With Kubernetes now the de facto standard for container orchestration, there is no time like the present to get started. Minikube provides the perfect single-node Kubernetes cluster for your development environment where you can begin exploring. If you read my previous post, “Install & configure Minikube on Windows 10”, it may have occurred to you that … Continue reading “Minikube on Ubuntu: Step-by-Step”

Minikube + Kubectl Command Cheat Sheet

To accompany my previous tutorial “Minikube on Windows 10″ Step-by-Step“, I have a cheat sheet I update periodically with useful minikube and kubectl commands to help folks get productive in their development environments quickly. Find my cheat sheet on Github at “Minikube Command Cheat Sheet“. Feel free to fork it and add your own or … Continue reading “Minikube + Kubectl Command Cheat Sheet”

Minikube on Windows 10: Step-by-Step

If you have been thinking about getting started with Kubernetes in 2019, minikube is a great first step. Minikube provides the perfect single-node cluster development environment where you can begin exploring. As I found most tutorials lacked left a few interesting details, like lighting up the Grafana dashboard, and starting minikube with verbose logging, just … Continue reading “Minikube on Windows 10: Step-by-Step”

Convert Azure AD B2B Users from Guest to Member: How and Why

The primary difference between a Guest and a Member user lies in their lookup rights in the Azure AD domain. There are some important differences between UserType of Guest vs Member, specifically: Member. A user expects to have access to internal-only sites. This user is not considered an external collaborator. This will be important when … Continue reading “Convert Azure AD B2B Users from Guest to Member: How and Why”

Azure CLI ‘az login’ returns ‘Permission denied’

I recently encountered a fresh install of the Azure CLI on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS that failed at ‘az login’ step with the following error: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/home/pzerger/.azure/config When I looked at permissions on the directory with the command below, I saw that my account simply lacked write and execute permisions. The Fix To … Continue reading “Azure CLI ‘az login’ returns ‘Permission denied’”

Ubuntu 18.04 returns “not found” for Azure CLI install via apt

A quick note for anyone else who encounters this issue… Recently I tried to install the Azure CLI via apt following the steps in “Install Azure CLI with apt”, I received the error “source not found”, even after modifying my sources list as described in the article. When I enumerated the sources.list on my Ubuntu … Continue reading “Ubuntu 18.04 returns “not found” for Azure CLI install via apt”

New Linux VM experience via “Quick Create” on Windows 10

I’ve never been a fan of the Windows subsystem for Linux, largely because it brings limitations and unpredictability to my Linux experience, leaving me frustrated. I prefer a full Linux VM, and a recent build of Windows 10 brings this Quick Create experience in Hyper-V for Ubuntu 18.04. (I believe this showed up in October, … Continue reading “New Linux VM experience via “Quick Create” on Windows 10”

Stopping multiple Azure VMs with a single line of code in Azure CLI

As I spend a lot of time with open source technologies in Azure, including Ubuntu, Kubernetes, and PostgreSQL to name a few, I have come to appreciate the Azure CLI. It’s simple, concise, shell-script friendly, integrates natively with Azure Pipelines, and works very well from Windows 10 or a variety of Linux hosts. As an … Continue reading “Stopping multiple Azure VMs with a single line of code in Azure CLI”

High Resolution Azure Governance Icons

Had a handful of folks reaching out looking for the link from Twitter. Get it below By request, this zip file contains five high resolution SVG icons for Azure Governance components, listed below. blueprint.svg governance.svg management-groups.svg policy.svg resource-graph.svg I suspect these icons will appear in some future release of the icons and stencils … Continue reading “High Resolution Azure Governance Icons”

Markdown Syntax Cheat Sheet

Updating this reference to point to the new location of my markdown notes I keep for self-reference. If you document your work in markdown, you may find this useful. Find it at “Markdown Syntax Cheat Sheet”. While you’re here, you may want to check out my “Favorite VS Code Extensions”, which includes several markdown related … Continue reading “Markdown Syntax Cheat Sheet”