Inside System Center Podcast #4 – Windows 10 Launch Episode (Show Notes)

With the imminent release of Windows 10, Dan and Pete take some time out to discuss what Windows 10 release, coming July 29th, and a range of topics including availability, deployment training, and device experience. They also manage to fit in some Surface 4 and Windows Phone hardware news. Links to all the resources discussed (and some we didn’t get to) below!

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Episode Links

Audio editionavailable shortly!

Video edition –


Deployment Timing

Deployment Training

Updates (auto-updates, WUFP, etc.)

Devices, Device Experience and Wallpapers

Surface 4


Flagship Phones

Device Experience

Download Windows 10 Official “Hero” Wallpaper

Here is the official Windows 10 Hero wallpaper, as well as the popular Ninja Cat editions!

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