Install SQL Server Mgmt Studio (SSMS) with PowerShell

Below for reference is a quick PowerShell sample for downloading and installing SQL Server 2016 Management Studio (SSMS). While this component used to be included in the SQL Server installer, it is now a separate download.

# Set file and folder path for SSMS installer .exe

#If SSMS not present, download
if (!(Test-Path $filepath)){
write-host "Downloading SQL Server 2016 SSMS..."
$URL = ""
$clnt = New-Object System.Net.WebClient
Write-Host "SSMS installer download complete" -ForegroundColor Green

else {

write-host "Located the SQL SSMS Installer binaries, moving on to install..."

# start the SSMS installer
write-host "Beginning SSMS 2016 install..." -nonewline
$Parms = " /Install /Quiet /Norestart /Logs log.txt"
$Prms = $Parms.Split(" ")
& "$filepath" $Prms | Out-Null
Write-Host "SSMS installation complete" -ForegroundColor Green

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