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The “Inside the Microsoft Cloud” series is a technical book series intended to bring the up-to-date content on the rapidly evolving capabilities of the Microsoft cloud at a price everyone can afford…free. Make no mistake, these books are commercial quality, but in the spirit of community, are provided by the authors and publisher at no charge. While often Kindle and paperback format will be available on at a low price, we strive to provide a free version in pdf form, ensuring the information is accessible to all. Current volumes in the “Inside the Microsoft Cloud” series include

The series is growing all the time. Check back often at for updates!

Defending the New Perimeter: Modern Security for the Enterprise

with forward by Brad Anderson, Corp VP at Microsoft

Authors: Pete Zerger and Wes Kroesbergen

With the explosion of cloud and enterprise mobility, the traditional network perimeter is history. A network breach is now an e-mail away.

Identity protection is now a critical component in securing your organization’s front door to on-premises and cloud resources. With the increasing sophistication and funding of attackers by criminal enterprises and nation-states, tooling for detection and response to compromise has never been more important. Classification, labeling, and protection of information is a critical aspect of security as organizations store and share information across services and with partners.

Targeted to the CIO and CISO, “Defending the New Perimeter” discusses these challenges and how to address them with the latest security and identity solutions from Microsoft. Designed to properly brief a busy professional in a couple of hours, “Defending the New Perimeter” provides the pertinent information to help you understand the threats your organization faces… and what you can do to protect your business.

Available FREE at

Inside the Operations Management Suite

Authors: Tao Yang, Stanislav Zhelyazkov, Pete Zerger and Anders Bengtsson

With more than 11,000 downloads, “Inside the Microsoft Operations Management Suite” is an end-to-end deep dive into the full range of Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) features and functionality, complete with downloadable sample scripts.

Available FREE on the Microsoft TechNet Gallery at on in Kindle and paperback format for a low price.

Automating Deployment with Azure and Chef

Authors: Ryan Irujo and Pete Zerger

Automating Deployment with Azure & Chef takes the reader through the process of deploying a fully functional Chef Environment in Azure using ARM Templates and then introduces them to using Chef to manage a Windows Environment.

Available FREE on the Microsoft Technet Gallery.




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