New Linux VM experience via “Quick Create” on Windows 10

I’ve never been a fan of the Windows subsystem for Linux, largely because it brings limitations and unpredictability to my Linux experience, leaving me frustrated. I prefer a full Linux VM, and a recent build of Windows 10 brings this Quick Create experience in Hyper-V for Ubuntu 18.04. (I believe this showed up in October, but I am on Windows 10 build 182298). What I like most about this build is that Xrdp is pre-installed, so you can remote into the VM and get a full screen and multi-monitor Linux experience (read below) right out of the gate.

To create your Ubuntu VM…

In Hyper-V Manage, right click your VM name and select Quick Create.


The Create Virtual Machine wizard then downloads the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS image (~1.5GB).


Once downloaded, you’ll walk through an abbreviated configuration wizard. When the wizard asks you if you’d like to login automatically, select No. Auto-login breaks remote access via Xrdp.

To access the VM…

You can right click in Hyper-V Manager, and specify full screen. If you select “Use all of my monitors” as shown below, the display automatically extends to your 2-N monitors!


Login with your username and password, leaving session value at the default of ‘Xorg’.


That’s all there is to it. Get the latest build of Windows 10 and give it a try!

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