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Don’t get me wrong, I love System Center Orchestrator (as you will see here AND here), but it is important to know when it is time to move on. Well my friends, it’s time. Some months ago now, Microsoft publicly announced that

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Free E-book: Inside the Microsoft Operations Management Suite

Tao (@MrTaoYang), Stan (@StanZhelyazkov), Anders (  and I have been working on a project for the last few weeks. We wanted to bring a learning resource for the MS Operations Management Suite to the community that is complete, comprehensive, concise…and free (as

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Centralized Logging Strategy for Azure Automation Hybrid Worker with OMS

Many System Center Orchestrator administrators longed for centralized logging of Orchestrator runbook events and results. With no native centralized logging facility, many administrators used a simple SQL database as a centralized logging repository. While not ideal, this method is functional

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How to launch an Azure Automation runbook on a Hybrid Worker via PowerShell

With the update in Azure PowerShell 1.0, quite a lot has changed. Working with Azure has been divided into cmdlets for working with Azure 1.0 (Azure Service Management) and Azure 2.0 (Azure Resource Manager). With the GA release of the new

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How to Query Azure SQL Databases via PowerShell with SMO

In previous articles, I have demonstrated how to create Azure SQL Server and database instances via PowerShell in: How to Create an Azure SQL Instance via PowerShell How to Create an Azure SQL Database via PowerShell Certainly you could create

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Inside the MS Cloud Episode 5 – Azure IaaS v2 (resources and downloads)

In this episode, we do some show-and-tell with Azure Resource Manager, the next generation of template-based deployment for Microsoft Azure. If you are new to Azure IaaS v2, there is some how-to in this session you may find helpful. Software

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Enabling Notepad++ as an Editor for Azure Resource Manager Templates

When you begin working with Azure Resource Manager templates, you will immediately need a JSON  editor to work with the Azure Resource Manager template language. While your best option is Visual Studio (more on this in another post), it is not

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Inside the MS Cloud Episode 4 – Hybrid Identity with EMS

If you are interested in learning more about Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite, and come spend an hour with Azure expert and PowerShell automation Guru Wes Kroesbergen. Wes works with SoftChoice, billion dollar+ LAR, where he specializes in EMS deployment for clients

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Sample Azure Automation Runbooks from My #MVPvConf Session

I’ve had some requests for the Azure Automation runbooks I used in my Azure Automation webhooks demo in my MVP Virtual Conference session. To ensure they are easily accessible, I have published them to the Microsoft Technet Gallery. The runbook

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Quick Tip: Using Azure Resource Manager PowerShell Cmdlets in Azure Automation

This tip addresses a problem you are sure to have if attempting to work with the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) PowerShell cmdlets within Azure Automation in May 2015. I should preface by sharing that I believe this situation may change

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