FAQ: How can I track Windows 10 Azure AD Device Registrations?

This question came up twice for me this week, and the answer is not obvious if you’ve not gone looking for this info before. You can actually track your Windows device registrations in two places: One option is through searching your Azure AD Audit logs and filtering on Device Registration. Another is the Azure AD … Continue reading “FAQ: How can I track Windows 10 Azure AD Device Registrations?”

3 Truths of Modern Enterprise Security

The threat landscape, specifically the types and sources of threats, has changed significantly in the last few years. There are a number of readily identifiable causal factors, including:  Changes in technology. The introduction of new technology results in weaknesses that are related to low technological maturity, improper use, improper integration with existing systems, low user … Continue reading “3 Truths of Modern Enterprise Security”

Inside the MS Cloud Episode 4 – Hybrid Identity with EMS

If you are interested in learning more about Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite, and come spend an hour with Azure expert and PowerShell automation Guru Wes Kroesbergen. Wes works with SoftChoice, billion dollar+ LAR, where he specializes in EMS deployment for clients of all sizes. When it comes to EMS, my buddy Wes knows his stuff! He brings … Continue reading “Inside the MS Cloud Episode 4 – Hybrid Identity with EMS”